Photographer/Videographer and Graphic Designer

About Me

Some information about me!


Hi, my name is Diego

I’m a freelance filmmaker, photographer and graphic designer from Oosterhout, The Netherlands. I help businesses and individuals to turn their ideas into engaging visuals. An opportunity to communicate their message and grow their business or express their vision.

I can capture the greatest moments on your event, shoot the most beautiful memories of your wedding or make sure the photos on your webshop or website look attractive and are of high quality.

I'd love to talk so we can show the world your ideas! Shoot me an email at, I am currently available for client projects.


My 3 Passions


Some of the brands I work with



A good relationship between cameraman and presenter is essential to working efficiently and achieving the best results.
Diego always ensures that he is up to date with the latest film and editing techniques. This, in combination with his creative open-mindedness, greatly helps us to set ourself apart from the rest.
— Jeroen Veldkamp, CoffeeLab
Diego has made an after movie for our annual congress for Acute Care. After a long day of filming, the same evening we already received a beautiful video that could be used for our social media, we are very satisfied!
He manages to convey the passion and enthusiasm for his profession in the videos he delivered. We received many positive messages about our after movie, in short, after this pleasant collaboration, we will choose Diego again next year!
— Floortje Stevens, Venticare
Diego is someone who quickly and concretely puts the client’s idea on paper. I was surprised by what he delivered on the basis of just a few of my ideas!
— Patrick Shamoun
It was a really fun experience taking photos with Diego, he made me feel really comfortable while we were taking photos and editing them.
— Pieter-Bram van Beeck
Working with Diego was great, he is a super passionate artist and the end result was amazing. I’m really looking forward to working with him again.
— Lucas Bogaard
Had a fun shoot with Diego! He is very enthusiastic and creative.
— Luo-Xin Luo
Diego was very professional, after the photoshoot he edited the photo’s to make them even better. I was very satisfied.
— Wouter Schellekens
I loved working with Diego, we had a good time and the results were awesome!
— Paulien van Beeck